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Our Main service

Looking onward to maximize the profit of your businesses ? We deliver top-quality strategies, design and interactive products to answer the question. These following items are a general description of our services.

Design UX / UI

We studied our customer’s behavior and request carefully beforehand, so that the system / software we build could bring out its main core benefit through our customer’s working process.

Software Consulting

With our organized project plan and bright ideas throughout every project, we ensure our customer the best innovative system / software according to their needs by using our consulting method.

Mobile Application

Here in Reins Corporation, we build an innovative mobile application and link it with the software we build according to customer’s request, ensuring the effectiveness of our customer’s working process.


developing system and application is always our main side job to ensure our working quality and innovations are up to date in serving our precious clients.

What you get?

You are not only paying for a website but also for a very powerful marketing tool. Every product we create keeps the user in mind so that conversion rates are greatly high. If you are looking to improve your sales, this is the right way to do it. You will receive traffic statistics in real time to assure your investment activity and make the correct decision in order to achieve your goal. Additionally, we are always there to consult you about any trouble you'll face in using your brand new marketing tool.

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Creativity is always our best way to express the main core in our every project by finding the simplest and unique solution to solve our customer's problems to maintain time efficiency and consistency.


We create the text needed to come up with an appropriate tag line for your logo, an accurated text for web reading, easy-to-read data, and every other text-required needs such as story boards, storylines, claims and text for printed materials.


When we want to emphazise the message, we offer recurred illustrations. While it is a helpful resource to easing communication, we take advance illustration to communicate through info graphic, large and small, complex and trendy styles.

e-Marketing Management

In order to expand your excellent product/idea, we need to engage the audience. To success in this task, we use social media and SEO strategies provided in the first step (creativity).