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About Us


Who we are ?

Have you ever imagine that your company could do all administration and financial work automatically or that you could supervise your company’s financial report, payroll and even the statistic of profit and loss through your mobile devices? We, Reins Corporation will provide you with all the services. Established in November 2013, as the name “REINS” which derives from "Reinventing System", we reinvent system for big and small companies to organize and maximize the efficiency of their working processes. We could do any kind of customization work on our system / software to serve our clients’ needs and we’ve selected the best team on our own with critical, bight ideas and off course full of experience.

What are our Best Skills ?

Achieving customer's satisfaction by giving our best in serving them is our main goal. Here are our main skills that makes us achieve that goal


Web Design

System Development


Why Choose Us?

As a company, our main focus is teamwork which force us to select the best staffs with great talent, plenty of experience and bright ideas in serving the best services for our precious customers. The 2 keywords in our philosophy also becomes our inspiration in doing work which are simplicity and efficiency. Simplicity helps not to confuse our client to understand the main core of the work they requested and efficiency helps us not to waste any time in something less beneficial for us and our customers

Other Skills

  • Photography 70%
  • Graphic Design 85%
  • Identity System 87%

Our Identity

Ensuring the highest standard in services as well as maintaining the best quality product to serve client needs and work with the commitment of punctuality to maximize time efficiency; Providing the highest quality of product with the best technology for individuals that won’t intimidate non-computer experts

Ensuring the welfare of staffs in maintaining the best environment throughout our working process; Maximizing the effectiveness of our project management to serve client needs and budget; We believe in saying no to thousands of projects in order to keep our focus on the few that are truly important to maximize working efficiency; Ensuring a strong collaboration of teamwork to serve the best quality work

Simplicity and efficiency is the key to success

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